Asian Food Pantry Fundraiser
UUSWH Senior Youth Group


We planned a fundraiser for the Asian Food Pantry.  For the last few years, we have been helping out the Unitarian Universalist Urban Ministry by raising some money and helping give out food. This year, we decided on a Spaghetti Dinner to raise money.  We had an advertising campaign based on spoofs of Madison Avenue ads.

For example, we had ads with our youth group members with spaghetti on the brain.




We raised almost $1000 at our Spaghetti dinner on 17 January 2003, and made over $700 for the Asian Food Pantry.

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On Valentine's Day, 14 February 2003, we bought lots of food at Ming's Supermarket

On Saturday, 15 February 2003, we delivered it to the Arlington Street Church.  The food pantry has been using their space during the winter months, as there is enough space to let the customers come inside while they are waiting.


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Inside, we stocked the shelves and bagged the food.  The customers that had arrived early prepared the bags.

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Then, we gave out the food.


And took the cardboard home to recycle it.